Job recruitment is a responsible and professional activity, where large companies have dedicated Human Resource (HR) departments. Medium and small scale enterprises do not have this luxury, and they rely on trustworthy recruitment agencies.

Modern recruitment process is tedious and complex, and professional assistance is very effective in ensuring a high success matrix.

A recruitment process comprises of the following sequence of steps -

  • The company's management decides to fill up vacancies for various posts.
  • A notification is officially advertised in Employment News, or the company portal's vacancy list is updated.
  • Interested candidates should submit application forms, resumes, ID proof and photocopies or scans of certificates.
  • Applications are screened and short list of eligible candidates is prepared.
  • Initial interview on the mobile phone is done to assess a candidate's job suitability.
  • Qualified candidates are invited for a written test and/or technical interview.
  • The technical interview and written test scores are calculated, and successful aspirants are employed.
  • Final selection and induction are preceded by salary negotiations and verification of credentials.

In the above mentioned procedure, Technical interview is the most crucial part of the entire hiring process.

Modern business organizations view for profits, and they rely on technically savvy employees to offer cutting edge products and services.

In such a competitive scenario, a job aspirant has to possess a minimum number of hard and soft skills including technical abilities.

Technical skills are defined as the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical capability for performing specialized tasks.

Advantages of Outsourcing Technical Interviews

Technical Interview

Cost Effectiveness

A company can outsource the technical hiring process and save costs on infrastructure and human resources. A company's technical personnel may be busy with their project work, and outsourcing saves valuable time (= money).

Scheduling Efficiency

A reliable recruitment agency should have the necessary scheduling experience that can save valuable time, resources, and money of job aspirants, as well as that of the company. The screening process can be fast-forwarded using standard procedures, and shortlisted aspirants can be interviewed in leisure.

Professional Expertise

Professional recruiters have technical expertise in recruitment procedures including screening, short listing, test evaluations, and interviews. Professional selection eliminates redundancy and experienced interviewers can recruit anyone from fresher candidates to managers.

Reliable Services

The recruiters devise effective plans and offer reliable and rapid services in screening and interviewing. The hiring process is streamlined, and rigorous screening and technical interview procedures are implemented to ensure high quality. The transparent service relies on technical expertise and technological usage while recruiting competent individuals at affordable prices.

Soft skills such as communication, confidence, team spirit, listening power, and integrity cannot be quantified.

Technical capabilities, on the other hand, are hard skills and they can be measured or clearly defined for a specific job category.

These skills can also be demonstrated on the spot by a candidate, and ensure his or her selection. Some examples of highly valued technical skills include -

A recruitment process comprises of the following sequence of steps -
  • Typing skills can be calculated in terms of speed (words per minute) and accuracy.
  • Writing skills can be evaluated in terms of grammar mistakes, word frequency, complex vocabulary, and sentence count.
  • Reading speed tests that also include speed reading and comprehension.
  • Written test scores for quantifying knowledge in a specific subject.
  • General Aptitude test scores to gauge a candidate's intelligence.
  • Computer, mobile, and internet proficiency, including Office software.
  • Software programming, algorithmic expertise, and code correction skills.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills for a specific business.