Hiring in the Digital World: Changing Scenario of Recruitment Agencies

Hiring in the Digital World: Changing Scenario of Recruitment Agencies

National Trends

The job market is a conceptual space that is defined by labour, manpower, part time gigs, and talent agencies. Talent recruiters across the world are affected by economic ups and downs. Global agencies themselves rely on data from real estate and employment sectors to predict the future.

Given such importance, a recruitment agency is always abuzz with activity. Human psyche is unpredictable, and cultural factors are very important for employers.

The following global trends are a useful guideline for job and talent seekers –

  1. China is one of the biggest economies in the world, and they use high end technology. The talent hunters are dependent on Big Data for predicting the future of jobs.
  2. Europe is facing a multitude of political challenges, and recruitment methods have changed. The consultants have successfully converted recruitment drives into a marketing campaign.
  3. The Americas and Australasia regions have enforced some common principles. The recruiters focus primarily on matching right kind of talent with specific job profiles.


Technology Benefits for Recruiters

Large and small companies along with start-ups require a pool of talented manpower. The modern workflows within any organization have become technical and digitized.

The best placement consultants in India have adopted the innovative technologies.

The traditional oral communications are personal interviews, however, remain significant.

But the clever agents have invested in technical possibilities, and reduced their screening work load.

  1. The top HR departments and recruitment agencies liaison with social media platforms.
  2. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., have their own “talent solutions” departments for research.
  3. Talent managers deliver solutions for both corporate sector and private talent agencies.
  4. Modern companies rely on global workforce, networked services, and brand value.
  5. Traditional recruiters and start-ups also trust the efficiency of data driven methods.
  6. India is a global leader in talent analytics with a success rate of 53% in data usage.
  7. Vacancy campaigns are designed based social media insights, preferences, values, etc.,
  8. Professional digital networks, and remote or cloud based workforce is a future trend.

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Future Vision

The new generation is tech savvy and digital platforms guarantee a level playing field. The modern and youthful job aspirants have online profiles and a reliable data history.

Top recruiters rely on both traditional and advanced sources to screen the likable candidates. However, the reliance on recruitment drives, print media and company databases has decreased drastically.

The new approach is a combination of mobile career websites and networked referrals. The visionary head hunters have already divided the job aspirants into active and passive categories.

The active ones are dynamic, impact, and always on the move.

The passive aspirants are undemanding and happy go lucky candidates.

From the client perspective, the head hunters focus on quality and quantity of recruitment through online metrics.

Data analytics alone does not suffice, as the consultants have to confront other problems. The talent hunting market has countervailing forces including competition.

The top agencies aspire to convert these threats into opportunities. Their future focus is on recruiter brand creation, proactive hiring, and loyal workforce.

The tried and tested traditional transactions are being gradually replaced with new ideas. The agents overcome location hurdles by actively creating long lasting talent pools and pipelines.

Talent & Digitization

An effective head hunter never wastes talent, and the digital world is full of hurdles. The talent pool in developing India is noteworthy, but so are the challenges.

The talented aspirants are well versed in modern technologies. Digital savvy workforce is a double edged sword as the recruiter has to factor in various requirements and demands.

These include –

  1. Job Security, compensation, and benefits.
  2. Good relationships with management and colleagues.
  3. Willingness to relocate and accept internal transfers.

Career progress and impactful nature of work.

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