How to Find the Perfect Job! Three Resolutions for the New You!

How to Find the Perfect Job! Three Resolutions for the New You!

The Perfect Job 

In the competitive global environment, and in the equally demanding job market, the common assertion is that there are no perfect jobs. However, a positive office is a healthy experience and the opportunity for a flexible growth turns many good jobs into great jobs.

Indians are in general competitive and argumentative, and the aspiration for career progress drives the job seeker towards a perfect job.

The top recruitment agency in India factors in salary, managerial competence, and work culture while bracketing a perfect job. Other factors include job profile, friendly colleagues, bonuses, perks, and incentives for career progress.

Although challenging nature of work is an important factor, the significance of helping others is not overlooked either in attractive jobs that promote merit and talent.

The Perfect Job Attributes:-

Job seekers enter the job market with different types of qualifications and objectives, and those who search for the perfect job are not necessarily dreamers.

The following cues can assist in choosing the perfect job in an uncertain and challenging environment –

  1. Brand Name

The brand name or reputation of a company has a significant effect on the hearts and minds of many job seekers. The top brands automatically spell success and those who aspire for perfect jobs are assured of attractive salaries, cutting edge work, and meaningful experiences in a competitive atmosphere. Even an entry level post in a reputed MNC is considered a perfect job due to global exposure and good prospects of career progress.


  1. Decisiveness

A surprising key to finding the right job is the ability to make quick decisions while backing one’s own sense of judgement. Decisive aspirants are responsible and reliable, and they also have the adaptive ability for work place dynamics. The perceptive job aspirants also have a knack or instinct for positive decision-making, as opposed to those job seekers who get lost in redundant comparisons, ifs and buts, pros and cons, etc.,


  1. Incentives

Talented job seekers aspire for a rewarding pay packet as it ensures security and a hassle free life style in a big city or town. The perfect jobs are often advertised or notified in an open ended fashion and the initial salaries are also very high. This is a good cue for enticing future prospects in the company, and talented candidates flock to such jobs. Higher incentives are also a good indicator of perfect jobs for skilled professionals who desire challenging or cutting-edge work.


3 Resolutions for the New You –

  1. Higher Aspirations

A job seeker has to adopt a compensatory mindset with a keen eye for financial independence. The aspiring candidates have to live up to the post-industrialization equation of Time = Money, and demonstrate their best skills for securing a perfect job with perks.


  1. Cognition Is The Key

Decisiveness is the attribute of a knowledgeable job seeker, and perceptive aspirants are always vigilant and alert. The sources of knowledge are diverse, and aspirants have to focus on cognitive faculties such as learning, thinking, comprehension, and insightfulness.


  1. Unique Personality

The competitive job market is a numerical game, and there are a large number of novices and pretenders. Standing out in a crowd of job seekers is difficult, and the solution lies in acquiring special skills and personal characteristics that can catch the eye of discerning recruiters. For example, a morose and dull workplace can be enlivened by someone with cheerful demeanor, soaring spirits, and social intelligence.


In conclusion, a perfect job is not a mirage as long as the job seeker hopes for positive outcomes in a diverse and challenging environment.  A decisive aspirant who is alert to brand names and relevant knowledge, stands a good chance of securing a perfect job. Talented candidates with unique personalities stand out in a crowd, and recruiters employ them for suitable posts that offer abundant opportunities for career growth.

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