Placement Consultants in Mumbai | Job Consultancy in Mumbai

Placement Consultants in Mumbai | Job Consultancy in Mumbai

The Indian job market experienced some uncertainty in the year 2017. The industry was busy analyzing the after effects of GST, Demonetization, and regulatory mechanisms. However, recent trends suggest a positive growth in 2018 with optimistic hiring sentiments. The placement consultants in Mumbai are all set with interesting recruitment strategies. Telecom, IT, Manufacturing, and Healthcare are the top employment generating sectors.

India’s knowledgeable and youthful population drive the IT-enabled services. The non-tech players are expected to scale up their digitization operations.

In this scenario, Recruiting flexible and tech savvy professionals has become key for a job consultancy in Mumbai, Techies with quick learning abilities and relevant skills are in high demand.

The recruiters are focusing on technology based communications and research.

Why to Choose Best Job Consultancy?

The job market has become large, uncertain, and very fast paced in recent years. There are many reasons for this including the unpredictable global economic scenario. Job seekers have to be alert, mobile, and think fast in these times.

The most efficient job consultants in Mumbai have to be consulted for guidance and placements. There is no room for complacency or compromise in this department.

There are discernible benefits for various unemployed candidates if they approach professional recruitment agencies :-

  • Students

There are millions of students who aspire for part time or regular jobs. They aspire for a dream career even before they complete their academic courses. The experienced recruiters act as counselors and guide these undergraduates.

They suggest internships that can last between 1 week or 1 year. They mentor the students in skills improvement and knowledge up gradation.

The professional agent also guides them into a suitable and relevant field or industry in a phased manner.

  • Fresher

A fresh out of college graduate is more often than not confused and hesitant. They casually drop in a resume at various companies and offices.

These tactics do not work, and the inexperienced youth require a specialised consultant’s support. The experienced recruiters are versatile, and they quickly identify employable skills. They guide the job seeker in resume preparation, professional behavior, and social media tactics.

  • Junior Positions

A few years of general experience has no great intrinsic value in current times. The recruitment agency inspires the candidate to focus on a specialist field.

They lay down a structured path for the aspirant to build confidence. Afterwards, the job seeker is motivated to transfer his skills.

In a short time, these candidates can expect plenty of employment opportunities in junior positions.

  • Senior Posts

A candidate with experience behind him does not normally prefer a recruiter. He relies on social contacts, personal and professional networks for the next job. However, Companies maintain secrecy, and they tend to miss out on golden chances.

At Seeking Talents, These senior executives receive the best insights that suit their competency. The credible agency offers ethical and courteous services to satisfy such candidates. Their personal data is kept confidential, and 100% CV ownership is secured.

A candidate referral is assured at the most successful company in finance, telecom, IT, automobiles, infra, etc., sectors. These top organizations recognize and respect the advantages of hiring through recruitment agency.

Why Seeking Talents?

What is the difference between a run of the mill recruiter and a HR manger?

The former is a self-employed contestant, while the later is a professional entrepreneur. The manpower expert’s resource employees through HR strategies and management.

Seeking Talents is a perfect example of such a professional job consultancy in Mumbai. The experienced team delivers excellent services for National and International job aspirants.

The recruiters focus keenly on technology and telecom sectors for cutting edge proficiency. Job aspirants are encouraged to stay in touch with the assigned agents through online and offline modes.

Job Consultants in Mumbai

The team of well trained recruiters enforce a customer centric methodology to achieve targets.

A wide range of recruitment services are delivered on time to satisfy the potential candidates. The business organizations are also appeased by the knowledgeable managers through international employment standards.

The agency specializes in scouting for the right kind of talent that has ambition, determination, and discipline. High quality testing, feedback mechanisms, and business acumen are applied to pick the skilled candidates.

The agency’s major strength is identifying talent and recruiting for IT, Telecom, Mobile Networks, Software, and Surveillance Security Systems.

Cutting Edge Methods

The recruiting business is just as competitive as any job market, and there are no short cuts to success. Seeking Talents selects skilled candidates through tech-assisted resourcing methods. These techniques are innovative, and the agents rely on their own technical expertise.

As we all know, advanced network communications facilitate a rapid pace of information generation and sharing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Blogs, etc., have become data sources.

Top job recruiters research these platforms for inputs during their online head hunting sessions.

The world of internet is rich and exciting, but it also downright incomprehensible for amateurs. So, the professional consultants depend on all the latest web technologies and mobile apps.

The best analytical tools, Smartphone Apps, and info graphic generators are kept ready at hand.

The experienced placement consultants apply their charm, character, and competency to deliver timely services.

  • Social Profiling

Social media platforms have gained traction since mobile internet has been unleashed. The youthful and vibrant generation posts, blogs, tweets, and chats without inhibitions. They also leave their digital footprint in the form of email IDs, phone numbers, profiles, opinions, and values.

At Seeking Talents, The HR team collects the social media data from geeks, nerds, and other tech-oriented candidates.

The social profile reports from Google+, Quora, Pinterest, GitHub, SourceForge, StackOverflow, etc., are also useful to find exact matches.

  • Technical Interview

The tech specialists at the agency invite the short listed aspirants for an initial screening.

The candidates are subjected to general discussions or rigorous technical interviews. They may have to clear the initial rounds comprising of coding, designing, and other software development life cycle (SDLC) activities.

The successful candidates also have to clear the document inspection, credential verification, and salary negotiation stages.


Closure is necessary in formal employment scenarios as well as in private relationships. As the top placement consultants in Mumbai, the agency ensures decorum.

The recruitment procedures are always terminated amicably with both clients and job seekers. A strong bond is established with companies and candidates to sustain HR commitments.

The formalities after the appointments are seen through, and rejects are kept in the reserve. All the stakeholders receive latest updates directly to their synchronized internet devices.

High quality recruitment solutions are assured at all times in a punctual manner.

Note*: International clients of Seeking Talents include reputed business organizations based in London, Europe, and the Middle East countries.

Originally published by Seeking Talents as Top Placement Consultants in Mumbai.

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