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Staffing Solutions in India

Staffing Solutions In India

Seeking Talents is a Mumbai based recruitment solutions company. Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many companies across many verticals to fulfill their staffing needs. We aim at bridging the gap between demand and supply of the recruitment industry by acquiring the right people for all our customers. Towards this, we have built significant competencies around staffing solutions in Mumbai.

The bespoke staffing solutions in Bangalore we offer at Seeking Talents caters to various hiring needs such as:

1. Permanent Staffing:

Permanent staffing is of great importance in any company. Every company aims at acquiring permanent employees for themselves because the permanent staff is the key to survival in a competitive market. We at seeking talents make sure we recruit the best talent for your company.

2. Contract Staffing

We know that many companies also have stipulated and time-bound project staff requirements. There are certain projects that require employees only for a certain time limit. Sometimes companies also like to hire staff on contract because it is less risky to the business as well. We are experts at recruiting such talent too

3. Walk-In

We know all branded companies love to meet their targeted crowd but it is not usually possible. We do that job for you. We host walk-in interviews for your company on your behalf and then select the most promising talent from the crowd.

4. Onsite Recruitment

This is the process of fulfilling your mass requirements from the target area. Our clear-cut and targeted and methodical approach towards staffing allows us to work closely to meet your client’s needs. This will ensure you get full staffing as per your vacancy and requirement.

5. Job Fair

Leading employers want the most talented people to work with their companies. Often, when we specify a targeted area, we forget about the non-target areas. This is where a job fair comes to light. We host job fairs in order to find talented people from all over to work for you.

6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

This is a form of business process outsource in which we take care of the entire recruiting activities of our customers. This includes the whole process from pre-recruitment to post recruitment and employee and industry relations.

We efficiently manage the whole staffing process from job profiling through the on board of new hire which includes staff, technology, method and reporting.

Check out our staffing solutions in Delhi to know more about us at Seeking Talents.

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